1999 Fall Salmon Fishing on the Pere Marquette

Click on the Photo for a larger view.

Here I am pulling in a Monster of fish.  I believe this one particular fish topped the scales at about 26 lbs and 13 oz.  Ahh Yeah!  This may have been one of my best days fishing ever.  We pulled them out all day long.

Here is Dad.  This one just about took him for a ride down the PM.  The fish were thick and they were HUGE! In this picture you may also notice that Dad is using on of his very own hand tied "Egg Sucking Leaches" a fly the Salmon found impossible to resist that day.  

 Click on the Photo for a larger view.

Click on the Photo for a larger view.

This is one Dad landed.  Just one of many fish that fell to victim to fly rods of these four men.  

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