Montana 2002

In the summer of 2002 I had an opportunity to go and vist one of my great friends out in Libby, MT. He was studying to be an M.D. and was doing a rotation at a local clinic before heading back to the University of Washington. It was a tremendous trip, we caught up, did some camping, and even caught a few trout.

From Left to Right top to bottom:

1. Here Eduardo and I fish for Cut Throat Trout in Glacier National Park.
2. This is self portrait of Eduardo and I after a outrageously successful day of angling.
3. Here Eduardo is standing in the Kootenai River as he shows off one of his first Rainbows landed on a Fly Rod.
4.I am standing on the famed Swinging Bridge near the Kootenai Falls.
5. Eduardo holds one the many Cut Throat Trout, he caught, up for a picture before it is released.
6. Here I display on of my catches.
7. Eduardo and I capped of our Glacier fly fishing experience with a celebratory (and appropriately titled) "Trout Slayer Ale" on the bank .
8. Here I stop for a photo, while on a hike (with fly rods and waders on my back) in Glacier.
9. Behind me is the rushing waters of the Yaak river.

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