Key West 2000

The descriptions follow the pictures clockwise starting with the Southern most point picture and ending with Ann holding the fish she caught.
1.  This is me standing at the Southern most point in the continental United States.
2.  Sunsets are an event in Key West and this one I captured on film.
3.  This was my second cast of the day.  The fish is a yellow-tailed jack (he never had a chance).
4.  This is the foyer at the Jasmine House.  This was the guest house were we occupied the blue room for four nights.
5.  Here Ann and I enjoy dinner at Turtle Kraws (please disregard the sun burnt design engineer in the background).
6.  Just a simple cast with the 10 ft. 11 wt. double handled fly rod.
7.  Ann and I catch another sunset, this time in Key Largo.
8.  Here is that crazy teacher lady with her catch of the day.

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