Pandora Internet Radio

PandoraΠis a free Internet radio service that streams personalized radio stations based on artists, tracks, genres, and comedians. Create stations using the Pandora website or Smartphone application, then use - (thumbs up) or , (thumbs down) to personalize stations. To set up an account, or for more information, go to

A phone or tablet with Internet connection and the Pandora application installed is required. Personal cell phone data plans are used. Make sure the latest version is installed on the device.

Launching Pandora

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Connect the iPhone to the USB port, or connect Android٠or BlackBerryΠthrough Bluetooth. See Auxiliary Jack or Bluetooth. For first time use, set up the stations before connecting to the vehicle. The Pandora icon will be available on the Home Page.

When Pandora is chosen, the Pandora logo will populate on the screen and the system will display ԁcquiring Pandora Radio Station.ԠLaunch times can be significant.

Using the iPhone

If nothing happens when the available Pandora screen button is pressed, download the latest Pandora application and retry.

The login screen may display on the device.

Using an Android or BlackBerry Phone

The BlackBerry phone must be unlocked to launch Pandora service.

The login screen may display on the device.

Pandora Menus

Press Menu on the Pandora main page.

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Pandora has a menu system with the following:

Tone Settings

Press to adjust the tone settings. See AM-FM Radio.

Bookmark Artist

Press to bookmark the artist.

Bookmark Song

Press to bookmark the song.

Auto Volume

This feature sets the auto volume based on the speed of the vehicle and noise in the vehicle. See AM-FM Radio.

Bose AudioPilot

If equipped, this feature adjusts the volume based on the noise in the vehicle. See AM-FM Radio.

Pandora Features

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Pandora service has features to rate tracks, skip tracks, or change stations.

} (Bookmarks)

When pressed during a track, a choice displays to bookmark the artist or track. This sends the bookmark to the Pandora account.

, (Thumbs Down)

When pressed, Pandora stores this information, changes to the next track, and does not play this track on this station again. This helps Pandora choose which tracks should not play on this station. This feature is only available on user created stations.

- (Thumbs Up)

When pressed, Pandora stores this information and - is highlighted for the remainder of the track. This helps Pandora choose which tracks should play on this station.

u (Next Track)

When pressed, Pandora changes to the next track.

r or j (Play/Pause)

Press to play or pause playback.

Pandora Skip Limit

Pandora limits the number of skips allowed on their service. When the skip limit is reached, , or u will not skip the currently playing track, but the , feedback will be recorded.

Advertisement on Pandora

Pandora may display advertisements. The artist name and track title will not be displayed and the skip track button will not be available.

Pandora Troubleshooting

Unable to Connect Device to Vehicle

If the device is unable to connect through the USB or Bluetooth:

Unable to Start Pandora

If the device is unable to launch Pandora:

  • Check that the latest version of Pandora is installed.
  • Check that there is an active account logged into Pandora.
  • Have at least one station created.
  • For Android and BlackBerry devices, check that the device is paired with the vehicle, and whether the device displays in the Connected phone sources list under the Phone icon from the Home Page.
  • For an iPhone, check that the USB cable is connected to the USB port and the screen is unlocked.
  • Close Pandora on the device and launch again. Devices that allow multitasking may require an extra step to quit the Pandora application. See the cell phone manufacturer's user guide.

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Error

If there is an error trying to rate a track with the , or - buttons, the message Ԕhumbs Down ErrorԠor Ԕhumbs Up ErrorԠwill display. Press OK to dismiss.

Loss of Audio

Loss of Pandora audio can happen in different ways:

  • Weak or lost data connection.
  • Device needs to be charged.
  • Application needs to be relaunched.
  • Connection between phone and radio lost.
  • An iPhone is connected to both Bluetooth and the USB port.

    Other phones such as the Droid phones may have a similar reaction.

Common Pandora Messages

Pandora Error/Please Check Device

Not signed in or Pandora is down for maintenance.

No Stations Available

No stations are available on the Pandora server through the connected device.

No Internet Connection

A few conditions for loss of Internet connection are:

  • The connected device loses its cellular connection.
  • The device does not support Internet connectivity.
  • The device is not in the vehicle.
No Bluetooth Signal

The Bluetooth signal is lost.

See If the service will not work, see a dealer for assistance.