Finishing the Basement

With an expanding family, Ann and I decided it was time to finish our basement. So I drew up a plan, read some books, and talked to a lot of people.

Egress Window Installation

Since we wanted to add another bedroom, code required a 5.7 square foot egress window. So I had to dig a hole, cut out a hole in the basement wall (with the help of a friend), install a window, and build a window well.


Prep and Framing

With a layout in mind I went to the lumber yard and bought approximately 300 2" x 4"s. Then, over a the course of a couple weekends (and with help from my brothers and Dad) we constructed the walls.

Electrical & Insulation

After pulling nearly 1000' of wire I completed the wiring of the basement (lights, switches, outlets, data and communications). Now I am on to insulation...

Drywall, mud, tape, and paint

75 Sheets of drywall and 2000 screws later, I am (with help from my father-in-law) starting to paint. The end is in sight!


Finish Carpentry

After applying polyurethane, sanding, and applying a second coat to 395 linear feet of base board and casing, I am now installing the trim.


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