Skiing the Alps

In February 2004 Ann and I had an opportunity to visit Germany and Austria. I had to go to Opel near Frankfurt on business. We took an extra couple days, brought our skis/snowboard, and hopped on the high speed (ICE) train to Austria (at times we topped 250 kph). We stayed at the Hotel Sonhoff in Mutters Austria (just outside of Innsbruck). We we took the skibus and skied at Axamer Lizum (home of 1964 and 1976 Olympics). We had lunch at the Hoadlhaus at the summit of the main run. Click on any of the pictures on this page for a larger view.

Ann stopping for picture.

Ann inside the Hoadlhaus.

In Munich switching trains.

At the summit of Axamer Lizum.

Lunch at the Hoadhaus.

Skiing through the clouds.

At the summit of Axamer Lizum.

Taking a break for a picture.

Ann waiting for the skibus.

Brady waiting for the skibus.

About to board the train.

Toting our luggage to the train.

Downtown Mutters.

Down the street from our Hotel.

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